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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17692 ((NEW))


Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17692 ((NEW))

There is no 3rd-party antimalware on this system. It's Windows 10, 17692. It's very possible that the OS has new antimalware capabilities in Windows Defender, but this is pretty much stock Windows 10, with that Insider build level. It's also possible this issue was brought up in earlier builds but I haven't touched escribe in a long time.

SwiftKey is a hugely popular third-party keyboard, being one of the first keyboards to allow for swipe typing on your Android device. It was also one of the first to support having two languages enabled at a time. Both of these features have since been succeeded by Gboard, and its popularity has been in somewhat of a steady decline ever since. The developers have realigned their focus, and SwiftKey is coming to desktops and laptops running Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17692 (Redstone 5). Should testing be successful, it will make its way to a stable release build in the future.

Other changes in build 17692 include improvements to Microsoft Edge, accessibility improvements, narrator enhancements, and gaming-related changes. There are also other general changes and fixes too, but none of which that wasn't expected or are particularly outstanding. None of these also really apply to SwiftKey. It may be interesting down the line to see if there are more Android-related integrations into Windows, though, and if SwiftKey is maybe just the start. Admittedly, it is just because Microsoft owns the application though, so it's probably unlikely. Users willing to give it a try can follow this link to learn how to get involved in the Insider program to install these special builds of Windows 10.

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