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Collapsed Build.20082019.rar ((BETTER))

A 53-year-old male presented with weight loss and bilateral lower-limb weakness. CT scan showed a tumor involving the apex of the right lung, pleura and rib cage with invasion of T1, T2 and T3. The T2 vertebral body had collapsed causing a kyphotic deformity and sagittal and coronal plane translation. The patient had undergone a laminectomy of the affected levels and thus suffered from a complete cervico-thoracic dissociation and high risk of further neurologic injury.

Collapsed Build.20082019.rar

The oil and gas sector is among the basic ones of the Russian economy and is playing an important role in the income generation for the state budget and Russia's trade balance. Implementation of the OPE, Russia and a number of other countries agreement on the production cut with a simultaneous global crude oil demand growth in 2019 has resulted in the world crude oil prices stabilization in the range of $60-70 per barrel. In 2019, the volumes of crude oil production peaked for the entire post-Soviet period and the extraction of the natural gas hit an all-time high. Under the effect the tax maneuver in force in the oil industry, the crude oil refining volumes have stabilized and significantly increased the refining depth, production of fuel oil and its exports have contracted. March 2020 revealed a crucial discrepancy between the positions taken by Russia and the OPEC member states regarding the deal parameters for the subsequent period. Hence, there were no new agreements, the current deal was not extended and Saudi Arabia notified about the intention to ramp up production. In the wake of coronavirus pandemic and a plunge of the global oil demand the crude oil prices have collapsed.

Whereas the effective agreement covered solely Q1 2020 in early March 2020 next meeting of the OPEC+ representatives took place where the issue of further joint actions on the production cut were to be taken. However, the meeting revealed a crucial discrepancy between the positions taken by Russia and the OPEC member states regarding the deal parameters for the subsequent period. The OPEC members considered necessary to additionally cut oil production by 1.5 mn bpd from April 1, 2020, the Russian position resided in retaining parameters of the ongoing agreement for the next quarter. Hence, the new agreement collapsed and the effective deal was not extended.

7Gaisina I., Melnikova K., Peshkova H. We have simply collapsed: entertainment industry can lose up to RUB 20 billion due to the ban of mass events in Moscow // Forbes. March 12, 2020. URL: -i-svoy-biznes/394785-my-prosto-ruhnuli-industriya-razvlecheniy-mozhet-poteryat-do-20-mlrd

The Gazprom was confronted with a dramatic drop in gas prices on the European market. According to the data of the reporting for nine months of 20191, in Q3 2019 the average sale price of thousand cubic meters of fuel to the EU was equal to USD 169.8. As compared with Q2 2019 (USD 205.1) Russian gas prices depreciated by 17.2 percent, while as compared with Q3 2019 prices collapsed by 32 percent. So, in Q3 2019 the price of Russian gas in Europe fell to the level seen in 2004 when the average price of thousand cubic meters of fuel amounted to USD 137.7, but in 2005 it increased to over USD 190 per thousand cubic meters following the upsurge in oil prices. 041b061a72


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