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VMware Player is free and it is popular for the ease of being installed and used. Open Source Applications are fully compatible and can be used together. However, the limitation of virtualization is 48-bit architecture, whereas Workstation is a 64-bit full-featured solution so it can exploit all hardware resources. Installing a non-commercial product is free; the default amount is 500 GB. However, you can use a VMware workstation license for any one virtualization server you are using.

VMware Workstation is installed on a single workstation instead of being shared. It offers more freedom in shared situations. VMware Workstation is a x64-based product, whereas VMware Player is x86. VMware Player is a non-commercial product and its default license is 500 GB. The default operating system is Windows 8.1.

For the installation of VMware Player, you will need to ensure you have available space on the target machine. VMware Player is installed and runs like a standard software. VMware Player works well with existing desktop and control panels like Windows Control Panel. VMware Workstation provides tools and services that allow you to easily manage virtual machines and virtual systems. VMware Workstation Pro (for Windows) and VMware Player (for Windows and Linux) are available in the VMware Player Application Suite. VMware Player is the Professional version of VMware Workstation available and it is available for both On-Demand and On-Premise installation. VMware Workstation is a full featured application. The minimum system requirement is an Intel or AMD x86 architecture virtualization server and 5 GB of RAM. VMware Workstation can be used in one-to-one desktops. You can use VMware Workstation for either a personal or commercial project. VMware Player is installed on one desktop and is not a server product, VMware Player does not support VMware Workstation services. The VMware Player application suite includes the latest VMware Thin Client platform.

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