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Kutumb The Family Part 2 Download [BEST] In Hindi

Kutumb was a daily Indian television drama telecast on Sony Entertainment Television. The show was aired on 29 October 2001 and went off air on 7 February 2003. The show had two seasons but the seasons' plots were not related. However, both series revolve around the principal characters of Pratham (Hiten Tejwani) and Gauri (Gauri Pradhan), and their love and kutumb (family).

Kutumb The Family Part 2 Download In Hindi

Kutumb meaning family, is the story of Pratham and Gauri, and their interactions with their joint family. Pratham is the eldest son of Mittal family, and Gauri hails from a middle-class Agarwal family. At first they are enemies, but end up getting married and living in a large joint family (kutumb). This family is very loving and caring. It becomes the reason for the husband and wife to fall in love and start a memorable journey together. They go through trials and tribulations but emerge victorious in the end, as their relationship stays untarnished. They return to their kutumb and live happily ever after.

The Mittal family is successful and rich but very grounded in their traditions and culture. Of the four Mittal sons, the eldest Umesh is married to Gayatri and has three children - Nandini, Pratham (Hiten Tejwani) and Gautam. Rajesh is married to Archana and they also have three children - Samay, Tushar and Diya. Sanjay is a widower, who often has imaginary conversations with his late wife Maya (Sakshi Tanwar) and their three kids are - Siddharth, Riya and Richa. Ajay and Kavita have no kids of their own and instead dote on all the other kids. The other kids who are also part of the family are Sanskar and Sanskriti, who are Umesh's sister's children.

The story of Season 2 is completely different from Season 1. Loosely based on A Walk to Remember, the second season shows Pratham as a rich spoilt brat who is disinterested in studies. Gauri on the other hand is the college topper and actively participates in drama activities. Their opposite natures initially lead to fights but while practicing for a college play, they develop feelings for each other. However, Pratham's parents oppose the relationship as they feel Gauri is a middle class girl and does not fit in with their family.

It is a about a Mittal family where Umesh Mittal is a patriach, his wife Gayatri(Shama Deshpande) and their first born Pratham(Hiten Tejwani). It is huge family. Umesh mittal has 3 more brothers. There are two dadis. Badi dadi is his mother and choti dadi's son is Sanjay. But Pratham and Nandini (a divorcee with a son called Shobhit) are brother-sisters; Samay is second chacha's son. Riya is Sanjay chachu's daughter. There is again Sanskar and Sanskruti who are brother-sister duo who are not raised by Mittals. Gauri Aggarwal (Gauri Pradhan) & Pratham Mittal (Hiten Tejwani) play the main lead and this story is mainly about them. Pratham loves his 'kutumb' very much. He loved to flirt but was not interested in marrige.

Gauri comes of a middle class family and is a strong-willed girl. She was engaged to Dheeraj. She also loves her 'kutumb' very much and the values they have given her but she doesn't like liars and esp. Pratham because her friend, Tanu committed a suicide due to him. She loved Pratham very much but when she asked Pratham to marry her, Pratham said that he loved her but was not in love with her and when Pratham came to visit Tanu in the hospital, Gauri and he had an argument.And Pratham hates Gauri because once in college his friends challenged him to convince Gauri to go on a date with him, and when Pratham asked Gauri, she insulted him in front of all the students and left him seething for revenge. Pratham was the leader of the students and everyone called him PM. Even in the canteen, a coffee was also named as PM because Pratham liked it. All the girls in the college (except Gauri) were mad after him. They all drank PM coffee. Once Gauri went to the canteen with her friend, Anita and ordered for a coffee. Pratham was also there and the waiter brought the PM coffee but she didn't even looked at it.

On the day when Dheeraj's parents and he had to come to Gauri's house, Anita and Gauri's friends organized a party for Gauri and when she told Gauri about it, Gauri said,"Today Dheeraj is going to come here with his parents, so I can't come" but still Anita forced her saying that Gauri AA TO JAA BHALE HI 2-4 MINUTE KE LIYE PAR PLZ AA JAANAA. So, Gauri went to the party. When she was standing with her friends, one of her friends said that ARE GAURI YAHAAN PRATHAM TO DIKHAYI NAHIDE RAHA . Then one of the friend said that AAYEGA TO KIS MUH SE AAYEGA AAKHIR BECHAARA HAAR JO GAYAA then the other said that ARE NAHI NAHI PRATHAM AISSA NAHI HAI VOH ZAROOR AAYEGA. And as she said so Pratham came there. There was a boy in the college (who was also there in the party) whom once Gauri had slapped and he also wanted revenge so he mixed alcohol in a drink during this Pratham saw him and an idea struck his mind. When that boy offered that drink to Gauri she refused because she was in a hurry to return back home but that boy forced her and gave her that glass and at once Pratham came there and told Gauri that GAURI TUM YEH DRINK MAT PIYO but in anger she drank it and PATA HAI USKO NA NASHA CHAD GAYA. One of Gauri's friends told Anita that let us drop her home but Anita said that have u gone mad today Dheeraj will come to her house and if he will see her in this condition then he will definitely break his engagement with her. But Pratham had overheard all and he sent Anita away from there by saying that there is a call for her from her house and the other girl liked Pratham and so he didn't had to face difficulty in sending her from there. He took Gauri in his jeep and put some packets of cigarette in her purse. When he reached her house he made her stand in front of the door and rang the bell. When his parents opened the door gauri was about to fell down but Pratham held her and after seeing this all Dheeraj became shocked Pratham gave a jerk to Gauri's purse so that the cigarettes could fell down and that happened but Pratham said oh that's mine and don't think that gauri is a bad girl she is a very nice girl u r lucky that u have got her and after seeing all this Dheeraj broke his engagement with Gauri but the next day Dheeraj came to the college to meet gauri and Anita told him the truth and so he went to Pratham to take his KHABAR but when Dheeraj started fighting with him Pratham said that why r u saying so I had told u that gauri is a very good girl and those cigarettes were also not hers. And after that gauri went to Pratham 's house and said that pm tried to broke her engagement and after listening to this PM's father didn't let him enter the house but PM's family loved him so much that they convinced his father and brought him home back again. But the next time it was Pratham's luck. He called gauri in the college and locked her up with him and said GAURI MAIN CHAHUN TO TUMHAARA RAPE BHI KAR SAKTA HUN and he smeared up her lipstick on his face and when they came out everybody saw them thus and Pratham conveyed in such words as if he was in love with her. Dheeraj broke his engagement when he heard this. When gauri's father met PM he said that BETA AB MERI BETI SE KAUN SHAADI KAREGA and then PM said that MAIN KARUNGA GAURI SE SHAADI and when gauri's father talked about this to PM's father he refused but PM said that he will marry her because he loved her. Their marrige also broke many times. The instances are given below:

Once Pratham was driving and at once gauri's brother came in front and his jeep struck him. JAB POLICE CHANBHIN KAR RAHI THI TAB TO Pratham BACH GAYA PAR GAURI SE WHO NAHI BACHAA. JAB Pratham KE PAPA KO YEH PATA CHALA TO UNHONE USE JAIL BHIJWA DIYA PAR GAURI KE PAPA NE USE WAHANSE NIKALWA DIYA. At night Pratham asked sorry from gauri but she didn't even listened to him then Pratham said gauri tumhe mujhe maaaf nahi karna to mat karo mere paas bhi aise bahut si baatein hain jinke liye main tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karunga. During December, exams were to be held in the college and Anita told about this to Gauri. Anita said TU APNE SASURAAL WAALON SE BAAT KARKE TO DEKH WHO TUJHE PAKA EXAMS DENE DENGE. At once gauri's saas came there and said what happened. Gauri told her that she wanted to give exams. At once Pratham came there and said Gauri I won't let you do so. Now you are my wife and you have many duties. You have to look after this Kutumb but her saas allowed her and Pratham didn't know about this. Very proudly in the college he told about this to his friends that he stopped gauri but at once gauri came there to fill the examination form. When Pratham saw her he said I want to talk to you but gauri went away saying that they would talk about it later. At home in the hall when Pratham saw her he started shouting at her that why she went there although he had told her not to. At once his mother came there and said that main jaanti hun ki yeh tum dono ka aapsi mamla hai par maine di hai gauri ko permission chalo usse maafi mango Pratham went closer to gauri and said while shaking hands with her that main tumhara har faisle mein tumhara saath hun. But in reality Pratham still did not want gauri to attempt the exams. On the day of the first paper gauri ko chakkar aa gaya and she fall down. And pm's friends thought that gauri is going to be a mother and they told this to everybody in college and gauri said p why didn't u stopped them and p said samajhne wale to kuch bhi samajh jaate hain. He told about this to his mother and chachis also and they asked gauri but gauri said that there is nothing like this. There was a holiday for them during the exams and that day was Christmas. The whole Mittal family decided to go to Shirdi but Pratham wanted to celebrate Christmas and gauri wanted to study and so they both convinced Umesh to leave them. He gave them the permission to saty back him with other children at home. Pratham made arrangements for the X'mas party in the house and when gauri came to know about this she told him not to but pm said tum ruki hogi padhne ke liye par main to party ke liye ruka tha. Gauri called anita there to study. At onse pm's sisters came there and forced gauri to join the party. Gauri ko naa chahte huye bhi jaaana pada. When pm saw her an idea struck his mind. He started dancing with a girl and said jo koi do ladka ladki yahan aayenge unko ek dusre ko kiss karna padega. And phir who jaanke us ladki ke saath waahan jakar ruk gaya and he kissed that girl. Gauri also by chance came there with a boy but she didn't kiss him. Still Pratham thought that she did so but gauri said that she did not. At once his parents came there and when they saw all this they said that agar use unse baat karni hai to use office join karna hoga and he did so. On the day of Samay's and Tushar's marrige, when Pratham was selecting a dress to wear on that day, he took out a red jacket and at once Gauri came there with a red sari. And Pratham said why u r trying to cheat me haan and then Gauri answered MUJHE YEH SARI MAMIJI NE DI HAI TUMHE CHANGE KARNA HAI TO KARO at once choti chachi came there and said ARE WAH DONO KI SAME DRESS MADE FOR EACHOTHER HMMMMM. When she went away Pratham said to gauri, "Gauri tum change kar lo" and then gauri also said MUJHE BHI KOI SHAUK NAHI HAI MADE FOR EACH OTHER DIKHANE KA. After that they both changed their dresses. Pratham wore a suit of blue colour and came out. Outside were standing his chachis. At once gauri also came there and she was also wearing a sari of blue colour. They both looked at eachother. Choti chachi said are biklkul hi madefor each other lage rahen hain par yeh who kapre to nahin hain jo maine dekhe the. At once badi chachi said gauri aaj tumne sindhur nahi lagayaa chalo Pratham tum gauri ki maang mein sindhur bhar do. Pratham said chachi main and he did so. And then chachi said to gauri ab tum Pratham ke pair chuhke uska aashirwad lo but gauri was unwilling to do so when she bent down then at once her saas came and said are yeh tum kya kar rahi ho patni ki jagah to pati ke dil mein hoti hai uske pairon mein nahi. In the marrige she noticed gauri and Pratham when they both were dancing together they stopped and during phere when pratham's flowers were finished gauri refused to give him and at home when all were sitting together badi dadi said gauri meri saheliyan tumse milna chahati hain jao jakar unka aashirwad lo then one of her friends said ab to bas ek bacha chahiya gauri smiled and Pratham noticed her. When gauri and Pratham both went to take the aashirwad Pratham said gauri come with me I waanna talk to u and he took her to the kitchen and said wahaan jab sabne bache ki baat ki to tumhe jhukkar smile dene ki kya zaroorat thi jab tumhe pata hai ki hum dono ke beech mein pati patni jaisa kuch hai hi nahi and his mother listened to all this but they convinced her. One day Pratham slapped gauri because she thought that there was something between Natasha and him. Once Gauri's saas and the chachis told gauri to promise them that she will soon give them a child p was listening to all this but gauri had to promise and she did so. At night when gauri came in the room wearing a gown p saw her and said wow romantic mood hai dim light aur tum lagta hai ma ko diya hua wachan bahut jald hi pura karna chahati ho but gauri said p tum jo chahe samjho tumhe meri taraf se koi response nahi milega bache to pyaar ki nishani bana karte hain aur tumhara aur mera bacha to yahan aakar bhi pachhtayega than p said to her tum apne purane aashiq Dheeraj se hi le lo na bacha and then gauri slapped him and p became very angry. One day his mom gave a locket to gauri and said that give this to that man whom u love the most and p listened to all this. Gauri didn't give it to Pratham but kept it in the drawer of her room. Pratham took it out from there and gave it to Dheeraj and one night when gauri was sitting with her saas and sasur in the hall Dheeraj came there and he was wearing the locket. When he went away gauri's saas asked her that did you give that locket to Pratham her answer was negative and they thought that she was in love with Dheeraj and when she went into her room (Pratham was also there) she started searching for that locket in the drawer but at once Pratham said jo chiz ho hi na use dhodne ka kya faayda. Gauri understood that Pratham had done all this. Pratham said that HISAAB KITAAB PURA KARNE KI MERI PURANI AADAT HAI. Gauri always kept on saying to her saas and sasur that it was not her mistake but they didn't believe her. At last her saas came to know that it was not her mistake and she said that gauri I know it is not your mistake, PAR AB INKO MANANA BAHUT MUSHKIL HAI PAR TUM CHINTA MAT KARO. JAANTI HO BHAGWAAN NE EK AURAT KO HI SANSAAR BADHAANE KI SHAKTI KYUN DI HAI? KYUNKI USME BARDASHT KARNE KI SHAKTI HAI. When they both went to talk to Umesh (gauri's sasur), he said to gauri that CHALO THEEK HAI PAR TUMNE HUMSE YEH BAAT KYUN CHUPAI KI TUMHARI SAGAI PAHLE DHEERAJ KE SAATH HUI THI. Gauri said that BABUJI MAINE KUCH NAHI CHUPAYA HAI Pratham KO IS BAARE MEIN SAB KUCH PAHLE SE HI PATA THA. After hearing this Umesh called Pratham and asked that did u knew about gauri's ex-fianc? Pratham said that yes I knew but still we always met each other in secret. Gauri became angry. Umesh said that I am leaving you this time because it's your matter. Gauri also wanted to take revenge and what she did in order to take revenge is as under: 350c69d7ab


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